The way we think about charity is dead wrong. A TED talk with Dan Pallota

  An interesting view on the relationship of individuals and charities across the U.S. On this TED talk, activist and fundraiser Dan Pallota calls for a generosity of thought, where Non-profits are judged based on the work instead of their administrative expenses. Palette compares terms such as “overhead” in the For-profit vs. the Non-profit fields... Continue Reading →


Georgetown study finds new effective trends in nonprofit marketing

Social work challenges our capabilities as communicators, from building awareness and credibility to supporting fundraising efforts, a well-executed, strategic public relations program can make the difference between achieving or set goals and falling short on them. With budget and time constraints PR professionals strive to bring positive change to organizations in a highly competitive field... Continue Reading →

4 Steps to Enhance Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Presence

Social media is a great tool for your nonprofit organization to engage with your audiences. It also gives prospective members of your audiences a direct glimpse into your community. The following steps can be applied to both parties as a means of reevaluating or jumpstarting your social media strategy and conveying your organization’s story.

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