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Develop engaging and proactive content

Non profit work is difficult but promoting your work and engaging the audience is even more challenging. Nonprofits often struggle transmitting their cause to the client. Our company specializes in developing inspiring content that also drives action. We understand that nonprofits need to maximize their dollar value, this is why we teach all the different channels available and help you decide which content is most suitable for each of the channels.

Planning ahead and setting clear expectations and goals

Like any other organization, nonprofits need to be prepared for negative media attention. Being proactive by creating a crisis management plan and having a team readily available for such situations is critical. At Journey PR we believe that when a crisis hits, your reputation and integrity rely heavily on the message delivered in response to the crisis. Our partnership with local media organizations guarantees immediate communication; it allows us to explain in a promptly manner a plan of action that is clear and consistent with the values of your organization. In the same way, with help of data analytic software we measure the responses or results to our campaigns to be certain that objectives are met and that donors are perceiving our message in the way we intend to. Setting clear and realistic marketing goals is part of an effective and purposeful strategy.

Original appeal

Fundraising campaigns can be time consuming and bring little to no financial gain. Our agency focuses on a strategy that is audience specific, purposeful and timely in its content delivery, but most importantly, we want your donors to know you personally so they can see the value and impact their small contribution is making.

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